Bird’s Eye Tea! Sooo Good!

For over six months I have had this awesome subscription tea service that is unmistakably the most delicious and unique service out there for curious herb and tea lovers! Subscribe for yourself, your family, housemates, or friends at!

Each month I send out three unique blends that I formulate based on a theme or season. As a responsible wildcrafter, ecologist, and herbalist I strive for extreme integrity in all of my herbal products. All the herbs are organic or ethically wild harvested. Any herbs that come from overseas are fair-trade in addition to being organically grown and are tested for purity/quality. Drinking a cup or two of my teas a day can open your heart and mind to the vast expanse of history and cultures that rely on herbs and spices for health and happiness. My online newsletter, that accompanies each delivery, includes detailed information about each tea so you can start to learn the basics of how herbs can help support your body and keep you healthy. I also spend a lot of my time doing active restoration of ecosystems with the intention of increasing diversity and vigor of wild food and medicinal plants. Sharing knowledge about many of these plants is a way for me to help others build a stronger connection to herbs and ecological compassion.

Bird's Eye Tea! Sooo Good!sarah

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