Harbor Herbalist

Hello! I am Jene Farr, owner/tea maker of Harbor Herbalist. I am excited to share herbal teas with my community. I am an herbalist, author, farmer, and clinical mental health counselor with specializations in trauma and grief. For the past ten years I have been living on 20 acres where we grow food, medicinal plants, and practice regenerative forest management. The land we reside on is suq̀ʷabs (Suquamish) & Coastal Salish land. Our farm, called Orchard Botanicals, is home to hundreds of species of edible and medicinal plants, as well as, myriad native plants and animals.

We hand blend Harbor Herbalist Teas in small batches to ensure the quality and purity of each blend. I believe that encouraging personal and community wellness through herbal teas is an empowering way to stay healthy and vibrant. It is my intention to work with herbs in ways that create effective and delicious herbal support.

One of our fundamental guidelines is to work each day alongside and in solidarity with social and environmental activists, anti-oppression organizations, LGBTQ and women’s health advocates, and progressive political movements. We vocally stand against hate and exploitation. To truly be a society of trust and equality in opportunities, we must work every day to open our hearts and minds toward the experiences of others and create opportunities to support the healing of cultural wounds and deep trauma.

When drinking teas made from honorably grown herbs and medicinal plants, people participate in an ancient ritual of renewal, comfort, and safety. Drinking herbal tea opens us to the lasting deep connection we have to the earth and creates a wonderful space for contemplation and communal sharing.

We strive to bring affordable herbal support to those in need. Herbal medicine should be accessible to all. 

When we harvest plants from our farm or the wild, we take great care in practicing reciprocity, this means that we harvest plants in a way that increases abundance and vigor of our medicinal and edible plants allies. We give more than we take. At Harbor Herbalist, we believe that actively restoring landscapes through responsible farming is a promising way to feed nature and humans at the same time. Many of the herbs we use are grown ourselves or sourced directly from friends of ours that grow organic herbs. Any herbs from international sources are fair-trade certified and are tested for quality and purity.

Harbor Herbalist is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality organically grown and wild harvested herbal tea blends. Everyone deserves to commune with healing herbal teas! We make very special teas, full of rich and vibrant aromatics, minerals, and vitamins…try them, you will see. Because the herbs are incredibly high quality you can absolutely taste and smell the difference. Treat yourself to a cup and let all your cells and your spirit rejoice!

Harbor Herbalist tea product packaging is compostable. We are proud to be a more than 90% sustainable company, we make products that help create life and abundance in the wilderness, on farms, and in the bodies and minds of those who are lucky enough to sip these delicately designed teas.

Feel free drop us a line if you have any questions! - Jene