Cafés & Marketing

I am eager to partner with cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery vendors.

Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Harbor Herbalist teas are a perfect addition to any café, coffee shop, or restaurant that strives for excellent quality loose leaf herbal teas for their patrons. Once your customers try these delightful rich herbal blends they will make a habit of returning again and again.

Bulk Rate
One pound of Bulk Tea* $60.00

*Approximately $0.50 cents per individual cup.

Because tea symbolizes welcoming and open heartedness, we encourage restaurants to consider offering a small cup of tea to each customer as they sit down to a lovely meal. This is a wonderful custom that is very common throughout much of the world.

We can also provide custom blends to businesses looking to serve a unique house tea to their patrons.

Co-ops & Natural Markets

Many food co-ops and natural food markets in the Puget Sound carry Harbor Herbalist teas. We are always looking to partner with more shops looking to sell high quality loose leaf teas in our retail packaging.

 Wholesale Rate
Six Retail Bags* $72
One Bag* $12

*Each retail bag has 20-25 servings of tea.
Most resellers charge customers between $14 and $15 per bag.